Corbitron Presents Nebula Project

I have not been musically active but the time has for something new. In resent months I have been working on a side project under the name Nebula Project. My new alias was formed to focus more on Lengthily, Space Dreams, Ambient type music.

Why this music? 

SlP001This type of music serves more then just a listening enjoyment. I wanted to harness music’s power and make some that is helpful to the world. This music can be used for sleep aid, meditation, study music and a lot more. Nebula Project is my perspective on all this.

First release

The first release will be available Wednesday October 21st, which will include a 30 minute song called SLP001. This song will consist of pure ambient pads and was created for helping to fall sleep in mind.

When SLP001 is Available you will be able to download the song right here on my website for free or you can pay what you want. The song will also be available on YouTube like all my other music and possibly other places as well.

Update: Its Available Now Click Here

Thank you

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Welcome to Corbitron’s new website

WelcomeHey I’m Corbitron,

I would like to welcome you to my new website, Corbitron Music. I had an older site in the past but let that go. This time I am here to stay. This website is where you will be able to connect with me and my music. From original productions to DJ mixes you will hopefully find a whole lot of cool music to enjoy. You will also be able to keep up to date with my other projects as well, like my design projects and the revival of my Orangetic Music blog.

P.S. Keep in mind that this site is still new and all be adding a lot more as time goes on, so hang tight.

Thank you for visiting.

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