Nebula Project

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Corbitron Pres. Nebula Project – SLP001 Ambient Sleep Music

SLP001 consists of pure ambient pads and was created with falling asleep in mind. This 30 minute song will help put your mind at ease and take you to the land of sleep, with it’s beautiful and peaceful sounds. Nice and soothing for everyone, but especially good for children and others who can’t seem to fall a sleep and or have insomnia.




Why Nebula Project?

This is my side project under the name Nebula Project. My new alias was formed to focus more on Lengthily, Space Dreams, Ambient type music. This type of music serves more then just a listening enjoyment. I wanted to harness music’s power and make some that is helpful to the world. This music can be used for Sleep Aid, Meditation, Study Music, Yoga Music, Reiki Music and more. Nebula Project is my perspective on all this.

Thank You

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