My name is Corbin Gale also known as Corbitron and I am an electronic music Producer and DJ from Canada. Music and creativity have always been a part of my life. This led me to the art of music making with great influences from the Chemical Brothers and Moby.
In 2008 I started my production journey with Djing soon to follow. From there I explored many different genres from Trance, House, Chillout, Ambient and more.
As a fan of many genres came my diverse debut album called I Don’t Know which was released in January 2012. Ask me why I named my album that and guess what all tell you.
Then throughout the years I released 12 episodes of my All Maxed Out DJ mix podcast. This was a big accomplishment and hopefully someday we will see the revival of the show.
Later on I took Music Industry Arts at a college level, which has brought me to where I am today (Broke and jobless). Bringing you the creation of this website and the odd release here and their.
Also at one point in time I ran a music blog called Orangetic Music, which I unfortunately no longer keep active.
So what’s in store for the future?
Besides me continuing to learn and master my craft, who knows? In more detail I plan on pushing my comfort zone and releasing a crap load of new music for your enjoyment (whether you think my music is good or not).
I also am planning to make more mixes, which may lead to the creation of a new podcast type show.
Other things on my list include graphic design, blogging and a hell of a lot more. Building my fan base and getting some gigs are on the horizon as well, so stay tuned.
Thank You
\0/ Corbitron \0/